How To Share Files From Google Drive

Welcome back to 8482 Media! In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to share files from Google drive. It’s relatively simple, but when you first do it, it can be quite complicated – especially with all the different menus and dropdowns. We’re gonna try and simplify things a little bit here. First things first, you can access the share menu by right clicking and selecting “share”.

You can also just left click once and on the right hand side of your screen you will see all the details and will be able to manage access. If you want to share multiple files, you can click on one, hold shift, click on another then right click and select “share”.

There we go! We’ve got both files there ready to share. We’re gonna keep things simple and discuss what to do after clicking “share”.

So there’s two sections here. You will Google Drive shows you people with access and then we’ve also got a section titled general access. Both of these two things are good for different purposes. People with access is generally what you will want to do if you are using a more private file, something you’re doing with clients, something you’re doing with your business or a collaboration with different artists, that kind of thing. Simply add new people to access and preview the file by searching their email address in the search box. This will create a list of people and you will be able to see who has access by reviewing these email addresses.

After adding multiple people you’ll be able to change their access level – sort of like an admin. You’ll be able to select whether a person can view or edit the file as well as other options. This can be really helpful especially if you are running a business.

In addition to sharing the file, you also can generate a link to send it to someone. But even with this option, there’s lots of settings you have to watch out for. For example, in the video tutorial you will see initially it’s set to “restricted” by default. This means that only people with access can open the link even if you send it to them. The way that you counteract this is you just change it to anyone with the link (demonstrated in the video tutorial).

Again, you can always change the roles and hierarchy of access. If they’re a viewer, then they’re just going to be able to view the file. If they’re a commenter, you can leave comments on it, which is great for team collaboration – that kind of thing.

Only an editor can actually change the file itself. So don’t send editorial access to anyone you don’t trust or a team member who shouldn’t be changing elements within the file. There are other settings that are mentioned in the video tutorial above so be sure to watch it and ask any questions in the comments section below.

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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