How To Quickly Remove Ugly Backgrounds with 1-Click In Photoshop

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Have you ever found the perfect logo or image to use in your project but the subject isn’t transparent? Designers and content creators all hate that feeling when they know they have to remove the background of an image with a masking or lasso tool. Why does it suck? It takes time! Our team has spent entire days removing backgrounds from countless images – that’s time that none of us will ever get back!

Luckily for you we found a much easier way to deal with this that you’ll be able to use immediately! It takes less than 60-seconds and will work most of the time depending on the background you need removed. This video lesson does require that you purchase and install Adobe Photoshop. Learn more about Adobe Photoshop here. Once installed, this lesson will walk you through removing your backgrounds with 1-click step-by-step starting with a video lesson from our YouTube channel.

Video Lesson

Watch this tutorial to learn How To Remove A Background with One-Click In Photoshop

In this quick video tutorial, you’re going to learn how to remove the background of any subject image in one-click in Adobe Photoshop. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the “8482 Logo” in that video for more simple and free tutorials.

Step 1 – Unlock Your Selected Layer

First, you will need to make sure that the layer is highlighted and unlocked.

remove backgrounds
The red highlighted areas display how to “Unlock” you “Selected” Image.

Step 2 – Select Properties

If you do have your “Property Tab” open, you will see a section that includes “Quick Action Tools”. The “Remove Background” selection could be hidden but after scrolling down on the properties tab you should see it. If you don’t have your properties tab open, navigate to window – make sure that properties is selected and then you’ll be able to click “Remove Background”. That’s it.

The red highlighted areas display how to “View Properties” and “Remove Background”.

Step 3 – Remove Backgrounds with 1-Click In Photoshop

Depending on your image, the selection might be perfect or need some additional correction. That is how you’re going to remove a background in Adobe Photoshop.

Your Image background will automatically become transparent.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more simple tutorials! We record all kinds of quick tutorials that will save you more time than watching other YouTube Videos. Drop any questions you have in the comment section below and we will get them answered. To learn other Graphic Design tricks Including Adobe Illustrator check out our free tutorials on Graphic Design.

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