How To Work With Text – Orange Menu Bar (RapidFire Pages Tutorial 2022)

In this video, we're going to show you how to work with text within RapidFire pages.

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In this video, we’re going to show you how to work with text in RapidFire Pages. Starting at your website dashboard, select which website you’d like to start customizing. You can highlight one of the pages that you’ve created to get started. As soon as you hover over text, you’ll see an orange menu that pops up.

In the first portion of this tutorial, we’re gonna cover what each one of these options are and we’re going to go into further depth on each option in future tutorials. Now, if we hover over H1, you’ll see that this is the current headline that’s selected. It will show you the font and size. By clicking the style icon, you’ll be able to stylize the text, things like: color, size, backgrounds, borders, paddings margins, and more we’ll cover in-depth styling in another video.

Now, if you wanna actually change the text, you’re gonna want to click on the change text icon, and that will actually allow you to rewrite and customize your text. Now you also have the ability to change the text association. The main reason this is important is for SEO purposes. For example, through Google search, a headline is gonna get more traction than a paragraph.

So all these icons on the orange menu bar are gonna make it easy for you to change the text association. This icon is going to allow you to copy the style and text association of the highlighted text to all other texts within your block. You’ll see these little arrows on the orange menu bar. That’s gonna allow you to either move the position of your text down or up, depending where it is on the page.

Of course, this little delete button will remove the text and you also have the ability to add another block of text by clicking the plus icon.

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