How To Create New Folders In DropBox

In this video you will learn How To Create New Folders In DropBox

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In this quick video, you’re gonna learn how to create new folders within Dropbox. After logging in, you can see all the current folders in your Dropbox account.

This tutorial is going to show you how to create new folders. Whether you’re on the home screen or you’ve never created a folder, this process is going to be the exact same. What you’re going to want to do is go ahead and come up to the “create button” on the top of the screen and within the first option of create, you’ll see the option to create a new folder. Go ahead and click on that, and you’re gonna be able to title your new folder. Next, create the title of your folder. You will have the option to share it with specific people, or you can simply restrict the sharing access to people that have access to that folder, or just yourself, if you’re creating this folder for personal use.

Then go ahead and click create – It will take a second to create that folder. You can see at the top, the metadata, you’ve created a sub folder underneath the initial folder underneath your Dropbox or your Dropbox team name. As you can see, 8482 media is the name of our Dropbox account.

Now, within this folder, we could create another folder – another sub folder by following that same process: hitting the create button, clicking folder, and creating a new title.

So go ahead, create your folders. If you’re uploading content or downloading content, videos, photos, etc. We’ll cover how to do that in separate tutorials, but hopefully this answered your question. Drop your questions below, and we will get simple tutorials created for you in any software.

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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