Kettlebell Lifestyle by Mike Salemi is Live!

Watch the Promo video for a recent kettlebell program by Mike Salemi!

8482 Media presents a collab with Kettlebell World Champion and High Performance Specialist Mike Salemi. Kettlebell Lifestyle is an online program that our team had the pleasure to produce for Mike Salemi.

All You Have To Do Is Follow Along!

ONRAMP – 1 week

  • Build up vitality and focus on essentials for longevity (morning routine, breath work, mobility, working in, base movements, personalized stretching, and more) 
  • Create space to fit KBL into your life as you build new habits
  • Become familiar with the platform

PHASE 1 – 2 weeks

  • Build the foundations of a strong, stable, and capable body
  • Work through details and deficits that are often missed to build up your weak points 
  • Learn fundamental kettlebell grips, positions, and movements so you build on a solid structure.

PHASE 2 – 3 weeks

  • Build base conditioning and skill development
  • Move well and freely as you perform more dynamic kettlebell movements
  • Enhance cardio, strength, and flexibility together in every workout

PHASE 3 – 3 weeks

  • Build performance and rotational ability
  • Move with a high degree of skill to make full use of the kettlebell’s potential
  • Engage in challenging workouts that require strength, speed, mobility, coordination, strength-endurance, power, and more

Help Is Everywhere: morning routine videos, core and joint warmup videos, workout + workout specific warm up videos, technique video for every exercise, technique video for every stretch, video with a new working-in movement for each phase, bonus videos with experts in their fields, plus more!


 Know how to adjust your training based on how you feel.

 If your body is overstressed already, a hard training session will be counterproductive. 

Daily Training Readiness Assessment

Each question has a score associated with how you answer. If you’re ready to go, your score will be high and you’ll have 100% volume for the day. If you score lower, the workout volume will go down. If you have a day where you should not exercise, it puts the program on hold until the next day so you don’t miss anything.

  • 5 options based on your answers – 100% volume for high scores all the way to a complete rest day
  • Questions gauge gut health, stress, motivation, soreness, and sleep
  • Automatically adjusts your program if your score indicates you need a day off

More Personalization Tools

  • Onboarding Questionnaire: You’ll know if the beginner or intermediate track is best for you
  • Stretch Test: No two bodies are alike and this test will give you a plan for stretching and noticing progress
  • Kettlebell Generator: Your answers pull from 64 variations and kick out the top 3 bells for you (but you can do the program even with only one)
  • Immersion Route or Self-Guided Route: Both options are included so you have a route that fits your schedule

Stop Serving Your Training Plan – Make It Serve You

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

Elijah Helfman is the founder of 8482. He studied Kinesiology at High Point University and Sonoma State before leaving college to travel the country creating content and digital education. He has worked with Olympians, Elite Coaches & Billionaire Entrepreneurs, producing over 20,000 videos for various brands looking to scale with content.

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