A FAST YouTube Shortcut That 1% Know About!

Watch a video tutorial on a quick YouTube shortcut that nobody knows about!

In this video, you will learn a quick YouTube keyboard shortcut that most people do not know about. The shortcut is for scanning through YouTube videos using just your keyboard. Each number (0-9) can be used to skip to a percentage of YouTube video viewed easily when watching any video on the platform. For example: if you click the key “3” you will immediately skip to 30% duration within the video. Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and share it with a friend!

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

Elijah Helfman is the founder of 8482. He studied Kinesiology at High Point University and Sonoma State before leaving college to travel the country creating content and digital education. He has worked with Olympians, Elite Coaches & Billionaire Entrepreneurs, producing over 20,000 videos for various brands looking to scale with content.

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