How To Import Footage Into Adobe Premiere Pro

Watch an in depth tutorial on: How To Import Footage Into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Keep reading for an overview of how to import footage into Adobe Premiere Pro the right way.

After understanding a general overview of Adobe Premiere Pro the first step is to import footage into your project so you can begin editing. In this article, you will learn two ways to import your footage.

Option #1: Drag and Drop. The first way to import your footage is to simply drag and drop it into your project in the left corner of your screen. If you are confused on where exactly to drop your footage you can refer to a previous article we posted that provides an overview of where the media window is located in the software. To read that article and watch the general overview click here.

Simply drag and drop your footage into the project browser on the bottom left of your screen.

Option #2: Select Import From The Menu. The second way to import your footage into Adobe Premiere Pro is to click “File” on the top menu and select “Import”. This will open up your computer’s files and allow you to manually select the clips you want to import into the software.

This image shows an example of what appears after clicking “File” and selecting “Import” from the top menu in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you select your footage and import it into the software you will be able to preview it by double clicking on any of the imported files. You can also create bins to help organize your video footage if you are working on a large project. For in depth video tutorials on how to create better content or learn to edit like a pro subscribe to our YouTube channel. We post new tutorials that will help you out all the time!

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