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What is platform specific content? Platform specific content refers to the optimal video sizes across all the platforms that video content is being posted on. For example, long form YouTube videos are horizontal but Instagram videos are square. Understanding what video sizes are optimal for each platform is the goal of this article. A common mistake we see companies make is posting the wrong size video on various social media platforms. Below is a list of the common video sharing platforms and the optimal sequence settings you should be using in Adobe Premiere Pro to create platform specific content.

YouTube Videos: 3840×2160 or 1920×1080

YouTube Shorts: 1080×1920

Instagram Feed: 1080×1350 or 1080×1080

IGTV Videos: 1080×1920 or 1920×1080

Instagram Cover Images: 1080×1080

Instagram Story Videos: 1080×1920

Facebook Feed: 1080×1350 or 1080×1080

Facebook Story: 1080×1920

LinkedIn Feed: 1080×1350 or 1080×1080

TikTok Videos: 1080×1920

The general theme is that you want to optimize your video to take up as many pixels as possible on the screen when posting on each specific platform. You can do this by creating new sequences within Premiere Pro before you begin editing your videos. Watch the full tutorial here on how to create these sequences within Adobe Premiere Pro and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content related tutorials to help you create an impact online.

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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