How To Backup Your SD Card Files To An External Hard Drive

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Many beginners simply edit their videos or images directly from an SD card but what happens when you need to backup your files to an external hard drive or store them on your computer? This quick article will help you make sure you get those files off your SD card and onto a secure storage device so you can delete them from your SD card and keep filming!

There are many external hard drives that you can purchase online or from a local technology store. It is important to not only store your footage on an external hard drive but also on a cloud based software. There are instances when your external hard drive will fail so keep the alternative of using an online storage system as a backup to make sure you keep your footage!

Step #1: After plugging in your SD card your computer should recognize it and you will have the option to open up your computers files to locate and view the SD card’s files. Go into your SD card’s folder and look for your footage. You might need to open up a few folders within the SD card and locate your footage.

Step #2: The next step is to make sure you plug in your external hard drive to your computer. If your computer only has one USB or Type C input you will need to copy the files from your SD card to your computer, then from your computer to your external hard drive. In the above tutorial, we show you an example of being able to copy the files from your SD card directly to the external drive because the computer we used had multiple USB inputs. You can install the hard drive depending on whether you have Mac or Windows and create a new organized folder before copying your footage from your SD card to your external hard drive.

As mentioned in the above tutorial, after completing the transfer you will now have two copies of your footage. We recommend keeping at least three backups of your files to make sure that your footage doesn’t get lost or misplaced. If this tutorial helped you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials that will help you build an audience and create a game-changing business online.

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