Get Started In Adobe Premiere Pro

Watch an in depth tutorial on: What To Do After Downloading & Installing Adobe premiere Pro

Keep reading for an overview of how to start editing in Adobe Premiere Pro so you don’t get overwhelmed by the software when you open it for the first time.

This article provides an intro to Adobe Premiere Pro for anyone who is opening the software for the very first time.

  1. How To Open A New Project
  2. How To Save Your Premiere Pro Project
  3. Overview of Windows and Workspaces
  4. The Best Window To Start Editing
  5. Where To Import Your Media
  6. How To Preview Your Footage
  7. An Overview of Your Timeline
  8. The Essential Graphics Panel
  9. The Basic Tools Within The Software
  10. The Effects Panel
  11. An Overview of Presets & Transitions
  12. How To Import Presets
  13. How To Search For Transitions & Effects

After watching this tutorial you will have a general understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro and the layout of the software. If you are looking to start editing or improve the quality of the content you can create make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for quality tutorials on how to edit videos so that you can create an impact online.