How To Start Editing with FREE Templates THE RIGHT WAY

Watch an in depth tutorial on: How To Start Editing with FREE Templates THE RIGHT WAY!

Using templates in Adobe Premiere Pro can be overwhelming. This goal of this article is to simplify the process and show you an easy simple way to start using templates the right way.

Step #1: Know the best sites to download templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Below are links to three sites we recommend to get started.

  1. Motion Array
  2. Envato Elements
  3. Story Blocks

Step #2: Understand the different types of templates you can use to help improve the quality of your videos and make the process of video editing more time efficient. Over the past decade, there are three main templates that have become popular: logo templates, text templates and video templates. In the above video tutorial, you will get an example of each type of template and how to customize them for your individual project. Below are links to the exact FREE templates used within this tutorial.

  1. Text Template
  2. Logo Template
  3. Video Template

Step #3: Practice using different templates to perfect the process. It’s important to get your reps in. Start by using the free templates provided in this article and follow along using the video tutorial provided within this article. After completing that, you should be able to start downloading more advanced templates and have the foundational skills needed to understand what you are looking at when you import the template into Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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