How To Export A 4K Video The Right Way In Premiere Pro

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The export setting in Adobe Premiere Pro can be overwhelming. This goal of this article is to simplify the exporting process and show you an easy simple way to optimize the export setting for 4K videos.

Step #1: Make Sure Your Video Is Selected! The first step in exporting a video is to make sure the section of footage you wish to export is selected. This is one of the most important steps. If you are off by a single keyframe part of your video may be cut out or appear black after exporting. Using the “Selection” tool you will want to make sure the first and last frame of your video is highlighted. A trick is to go to the very first frame of your video and press “I”. That will tell Premiere Pro where your video selection should start. Then, go to the second to last frame of your video and press “O”. That will tell Premiere Pro that the following frame is where the selection should end. Double check that your entire video is perfectly selected before moving on to the next step.

Step #2: Open The Export Settings! Once your video is selected, the next step is to hover your curser over the “File” tab on the top Menu is Premiere Pro and select “Export” and click “Export Media”. The standard shortcut for this is “Ctrl M”. If this step is done correctly, your export settings should appear as shown in the image below.

Step #3: Select The Format! Make sure that the “File Format” is set to “H.264”.

Step #4: Select The Appropriate Pre-Set! Make sure the correct pre-set is selected. For the sake of minimizing file size, remaining good quality and exporting in 4K I recommend selecting “Match Source High Bitrate”.

Step #5: Name Your Video And Save It! Click on the hyperlink titled “Output Name” and make sure your video is properly titled. Here is where you will choose the folder where your video will export. It is very common for beginners to export a video and not be able to find it. By properly titling and selecting the output folder of your file you shouldn’t run into any trouble with that.

After clicking the “Blue Hyperlink” the below options should appear.
Once you have selected the name and output file press “Save”.

Step #6: Set The Target Bitrate! You can increase or decrease the target bitrate of your video. To keep things simple, I recommend selecting a target bitrate of 10-40 for 4K footage assuming you will be posting the video on social media platforms. The bitrate will change the output file size of your video so if you need to keep the file size small, keep that in mind when changing your target bitrate.

Step #7: Check The Box! Make sure to select the box “Use Maximum Render Quality” before exporting your video. This box can be found at the bottom of your export settings close to the “Export” button.

Step #8: Export Your Video! The final step is to click “Export”. Your video will begin exporting and can be located in the folder you selected in Step #5: Name Your Video and Save It!

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Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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