How To Export Multiple Videos At Once In Premiere Pro

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As you probably already know, you can only export one video at a time within Adobe Premiere Pro. This creates a problem if you have multiple videos to export. This short article will provide a solution that is easy and effective for exporting multiple videos at the same time.

Step #1: Install Adobe Media Encoder! In order to export multiple videos at once, you will need to Install Adobe Media Encoder from the Adobe Creative Cloud. If you don’t currently have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you can start a free trial by clicking here. Once the application is installed you can continue to the next step.

Step #2: Click “Queue” Instead of Export! To use Adobe Media Encoder the only thing you need to do is select “Queue” once you are ready to export instead of selecting “Export”. Your export settings should not change within Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step #3: Start The Export In Adobe Media Encoder! After selecting “Queue” within Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder will automatically open and begin the process of adding your video and preparing it for export.

This could take time depending on the speed of your system. You have the option to now add as many videos as you would like to Adobe Media Encoder by repeating the same process. Once your videos are loaded into Adobe Media Encoder, the final step is to press the “Start” icon to begin your export. You will be able to continue editing projects in Adobe Premiere Pro while you wait for the export to complete.

After you select the “Start” icon shows above as the green play icon in the top right corner of the screen your videos will export to the file path created in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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