6 Tricks If Your Audio and Video Won’t Sync In Adobe Premiere Pro

Watch an in depth tutorial on: Syncing Audio and Video In Adobe Premiere Pro (6 Tricks If Your Clips Won’t Sync!)

Syncing audio and video is an easy and effective way to save time and use an automated feature in Adobe Premiere Pro to help you out. If you are currently unaware of how to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro watch the quick tutorial below.

The problem occurs when simply selecting the audio and video clips, right clicking and pressing synchronize doesn’t work! In that case there are a few tricks we have found that will help you out.

Trick #1: Make sure the track channels that you are trying to synchronize are highlighted! If you are unable to press “Synchronize” after highlighting your tracks this is probably your issue. Make sure that you click and highlight the “A” and “V” tracks that you are trying to synchronize by clicking them on the left portion of your timeline.

Trick #2: Try switching the “Track Channel”. Another common fix that can help when your audio and video are not synchronizing is to switch the track channel before you press “Synchronize”. If it is set to “Mix Down” (as shown in the image below), try changing it to another option. Attempt any and all track channels before moving to Trick #3.

Trick #3: Open a new sequence without changing any of the automated sequence settings and then synchronize your audio there before bringing it back into your custom sequence.

Trick #4: Create a brand new project, copy and paste your audio and video there and try synchronizing in your new project before bringing your footage back into your old project. Oftentimes, you have an entire edit going on but simply are having trouble synchronizing a few clips within it. That is why, I suggest creating a brand new project just for synchronizing footage. Once it synchronizes, you can simply copy and paste it back into your old project (assuming they are both open at the same time) and continue editing. This way you have one project for editing and separate project for synchronizing footage.

Trick #5: Increase the volume of your audio track in an external software and bring it back into Adobe Premiere Pro. The most common reason I run into when audio and video won’t quickly synchronize in Adobe Premiere Pro is when the audio waves are really quite. If this might be the problem consider bringing your audio into Adobe Audition or an audio software and quickly process your audio to boost the levels. Then, you can export that audio track, bring it back intro Adobe Premiere Pro and see if your synchronization works.

Trick #6: Synchronize your audio and video manually. The final option is to synchronize your audio and video manually. There are a few cases where I’ve needed to do this. If you can visually see the audio waves, I have found that to be the easiest way to synchronize the audio and video.

I hope this article helped you troubleshoot this tedious process. If you have any additional issues, leave a comment below and check out the first video in this article for a few additional tricks as well as a recommendation for PluralEyes: a software that can help you easily synchronize video and audio that works in conjunction with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Elijah Helfman
Elijah Helfman

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